Bitlife Mod Apk Latest v2023 (Money & Bitizenship)

BitLife Mod APK Hacked is a game that simulates human life, where players can choose any gender and experience various life milestones.

Whether you want to explore what life would be like at a specific age or understand the thoughts and personalities of a different gender, this game can fulfill your desires.

Each decision and response you make will shape your story throughout the game.

If you want to experience even more features in BitLife – Life Simulator, try the Time Machine version available in the Modded APK. This version boasts high-definition graphics, a variety of options, and access to Bitizenship, GOD Mod and other unlocked features.

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We’ll outline all the benefits of this MOD game below, as well as provide a fast link for downloading BitLife MOD APK with unlimited money. Additionally, we’ll include details for downloading the iOS version with God mode.


As you journey through the different phases of life, your emotions and knowledge undergo a metamorphosis. The various experiences you encounter during your lifetime can elicit a range of emotions such as joy, sorrow, contentment, anger, and frustration.

These emotions are assessed and gauged using an index that tracks your mood at significant milestones. For instance, if you fall in love and have a fulfilling relationship at the age of 18, your happiness index is likely to peak.


As you navigate through adulthood, you will encounter an enigmatic cast of characters who will show up at every significant juncture of your life. These individuals may include relatives, friends, and lovers, who appear based on your previous selection of criteria.

The appearance of these characters can influence your mood index, and it is up to you to determine whether you will have a happy family, a stable job, or a fulfilling romantic relationship.

By exploring and forging connections with negative individuals. You can uncover the backstory behind these relationships and anticipate potential problems in real life.

For example, if you befriend a thief, the system will provide you with all the relevant information about the danger the individual poses, as well as evidence of the outcome should you choose to help them.


The app consolidates all the noteworthy life events you may go through, such as studying, working, falling in love, going through breakups, watching a movie, or even buying a lottery ticket.

Mood index isn’t limited to the typical topics you’ve encountered at your current age. Instead, it offers you compelling experiences, like pregnancy, childbirth, and even divorce.

Moreover, the app is tailored to promote personal growth by presenting you with important decisions and fascinating facts. Which will undoubtedly arouse your curiosity and spark self-discovery.

Why You Should Install This Bitlife Mod Apk

Bitlife Mod Apk is a hacked version of the original game that able to unlock all premium resources without wasting your time and money.


You will have unlimited time to explore the game world using this modded apk. Player have choice to take their time and enjoy the game at their own pace without any time constraints.


You can access all the countries without any restrictions and don’t need to unlock it by complete specific requirements. Using this apk you can travel the world and experience different cultures freely.


You don’t have to worry about earning money to buy the necessary things for their virtual character. Because you will get unlimited money in starting. So you can purchase luxury items & travel the world.

All Premium Features Unlocked:

Users can all-access pass to the game’s premium features, without requiring any payment. Also enjoy a fully customizable virtual character, access to all countries, and engaging new challenges without wasting time or money.

From the moment players launch the game, they have immediate access to all of these features. Gone are the days of unlocking features through specific tasks or level achievements. Apk removes any barriers to access.

Unlocked God Mode:

God mode allows players to control every aspect of their virtual character’s life. You can edit their character’s attributes like happiness, health, looks, and intelligence and also control their character’s relationships, job, and finances. God mode gives players complete control over their virtual life and allows them to experiment with different life scenarios.

Unlocked Bitizenship:

If you opt to play Bitlife MOD Unlocked Bitizenship, you’ll have the opportunity to experience additional game modes and remarkable enhancements that come with full citizenship.

New Challenges:

You will come with new challenges that challenges make the game more exciting and engaging to you. For example, if you will participate in challenges like “Billionaire Challenge” or “World Traveler Challenge,” where you have to achieve specific goals to complete the challenge.

Download BitLife MOD APK From Prestuff

The BitLife Mod APK is an upgraded edition that allows you to effortlessly fulfill various tasks and requirements within the game. You can achieve your objectives in a significantly shorter time frame without having to expend a lot of time or money to obtain rewards. This Mod APK is an excellent approach to outperform your rivals in the game. You can now obtain the BitLife APK v3.8.5 for free on Prestuff, and it is a hassle-free process that you can use with confidence.

Conclusion of the game

You can get several unique features that make the game more exciting and engaging for users. These features include unlimited money, all premium features unlocked, ads-free, customization, access to all countries, no age limit, and new challenges.

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