Township Mod Apk v9.5.1 Unlimited Money/Cash (Anti Ban)

You can become a successful boss in the game if you have this latest version of Township Mod Apk v9.5.1 with unlimited amount of money and cash hack. You also needs gold to buy the plants of different varieties and to build the building. Players have a chance to speed up your production using dollars.

So if you really want to enjoy this game without spend your money then download the township mod apk for free. We have added anti ban in township hack mod apk, so you are safe with this modified version of this game.


Township is a game which is an amazing combination of farming and city building. Every person who is interested in management games, township is the best option to availed. This game was developed and published by Playrix and it is available on number of platforms which are:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Facebook
  • Microsoft Windows


Township Hack apk provides you with unlimited coins which a user can use to make easy progress in the game. Different assignments and tasks can completed if unlimited amount of coins and gems are available. If you are installing this Township Mod Apk Anti-ban 2023, then you are 100% secure from any kind of risk.

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This version of Township Mod provides you with all the facilities that you need for quick and easy completion of missions. Township mod apk is an updated version of Township, which is not available on Playstore and apple store.

About Township Game:

All you should know about this game is as under.


This is a farming game in which user is required to establish his own farm in the town by using the provided resources. Player has to earn money from his farm and harvest many different crops to increase his business. There are more than 250 goods available to used.

One who is playing this game has to prove himself as the best farmer in the world, for this he has to establish contacts with some industries and sell them his products at reasonable prices. Gradually his business will grow if will be able to complete the tasks effectively.


Township is very special in a sense that it is not only a farming game but also a city development and management game which provides many other opportunities to user.

A city has to developed according to desire of the player which may include different roads, tracks, Factories, Farms, Shops, Hotels, Ports and many other things. A well-developed town will also help him to flourish his business more easily.


Most important task of this game is to make a connection between different elements of game. If one is producing some quality goods he should also know the best way to sell them in which he can get maximum profits out of them.

For this purpose there are different facilities provided by the game such as a railway track which would unlocked at level 5. Aircraft system can used at level 17.

By establishing sea ports, ship system can also used. By taking orders and transporting them using best means, products can give their best prices.


As player made progress in this game, different tasks are assigned to him. User has to accomplish these tasks in best possible manners to get good outcome and to build his good repute so that he can promoted to next level.

Township Mod Apk Unlimited Items

There will no restriction using this modded version of Township game. Even you will find everything unlocked and unlimited quantity from the starting of the game without any risk or security issue.

Unlimited Money/Cash

In this latest version of the township apk 2023, you can add unlimited money/cash and you can do whatever you want in the game.


Using this Township Mod Apk you are safe and secure from any kind of ban, because we have include strong anti-ban feature, which provide safety of users.

Some of the most common Township items include:

Coins: The main currency in the game, used to purchase buildings, crops, and other items.

Cash: A premium currency used to speed up game progress or purchase exclusive items.

Goods: Products created in factories or grown on farms, which can be sold or used to complete orders from the town’s citizens.

Experience Points (XP): Earned by completing tasks and quests, used to level up and unlock new buildings and features.

Tokens: Earned by participating in events and completing special tasks, used to purchase exclusive items.

T-Cash: A special type of cash earned by completing certain achievements, used to purchase premium items.

Overall, Township items are an essential part of the game, as they enable players to progress, expand their town, and complete various tasks and quests.

Township Mod Apk Features:

There are many features in Township which make it a unique game from others. Some of these feature are following.


Township provides Multi-player gameplay so friends can play this game among them.


Storage size of this game is around 125 mbs. This is a low spaced game that’s why an average device can used to play it without any lag.


This Township has good graphics which attracts players towards itself.

Building and decorating:

Players can design and construct their own town, including homes, businesses, factories, and other structures. They can also decorate their town with a variety of items and themes.

Farming and harvesting:

Township includes a farming element where players can grow crops, raise animals, and produce goods. They can sell these items to earn coins or use them to complete orders from the town’s citizens.

Mining and excavation:

Players can also mine for resources like ore and precious gems, which can be used to upgrade buildings and production facilities.

Trading with other players:

Township allows players to trade items with one another through a global market. They can buy and sell goods, trade resources, and help each other complete tasks.

Social features:

The game includes various social features that allow players to connect and interact with each other. They can join or create co-ops, compete in events, and visit each other’s towns.

Township events:

The game regularly features special events and challenges that players can participate in to earn rewards and prizes.

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